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Jul 06

Updated some previous work

I made a few changes to the first dread I did for the salamanders. I had someone comment on adding something to the arms and I thought it was a great suggestion. So below is what came out of it all. Nothing to special, but it breaks up the green on the arms a fair …

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Jul 05

Project Log: Salamanders dreadnought painting

I spent some time working on another dread and cleaning up some details on the other I finished a week or so ago. With some suggestions from a few people I decided to go with a darker look to this one over my first one. I am sticking with the fire mosaic that I used …

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Jun 30

Project Log: Slamanders Dreadnought Work

So I have been working on another dreadnought and this is what you can see. I am taking a bit of a different approach on this one. I wanted to still incorporate the flame look into them and since it has a nice cathedral mosaic cut into it, I figured I would expand on that …

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