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Jul 20

Chapterhouse Salamanders Rhino Kit

A few weeks ago I thought I would order a couple of the Chapterhouse Salamanders rhino kits for my force. I finally got them in last week and I decided to put them on and see how they look. Overall, they look good, but there are some areas that were lacking. The pieces that fit …

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May 26

The price of Finecast and a list of models included

More details trickling out about the Finecast costs. I no longer have any copies of the old prices for these models, but you will see that they are fairly in line with what has been predicted all along, and for that matter several stand out as being raised over their previous metal versions, terminator Calgar …

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May 21

New Forge World MKII and MKV Space Marine Assault Squads

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May 17

Games-Workshop Switches to Resin with Finecast

So GW has been up to some work in the last few weeks in order to make the full switch to resin instead of metal models. This is what they had to say: Games Workshop’s quest to create the best quality miniatures in the world is about to take a huge step forward… On 28th …

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